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The hub that is Bomba serves both the bustling and musing groups and sub-groups of Asheville's citizenry. It's the holy trinity of quality, flavor and service. Our well-trained baristas come from places that love and appreciate good coffee - Mexico City, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, the Philippines, Europe ...... and we consider ourselves sort of the concierge spot in downtown Asheville.

In downtown Asheville, on any given day, there are hundreds of planned meetings and random/organic exchanges about whatever might be "The Next Great Thing." Bomba provides a place for both to see the light of day. Some ideas need fuel in the form of food. Others need the inspiration of the constant movie set of what may walk around Pack Square. Some just need to argue over a contract one last time before signing. You're all welcome.

There are the meandering couples or parents pushing strollers ... the wanderer with her map and journal ... the guy in need of 10 minutes of perspective ... the business person, the working class man ... all of them are drawn to Bomba for the food, the hot coffee and the keen quickness of service.

It's where the busy and casual, the locals and weekend seekers find refreshment in a place that is welcoming and other-worldly. This cafe is delicious, affordable and serene. The adjustment to your outlook? That's complementary.

Hector & Aimee Diaz

Hector, one of Asheville's community catalysts, and his brilliant wife and business partner, Aimee - both keepers and change agents in Asheville's culinary zeitgeist - have attracted some of the best in hospitality, food, wine, agri-business, coffee and service to their restaurants and ventures over the last couple of decades. Bomba is no different. This group of cooks and baristas can tell you everything you want to know about Asheville while serving up superb coffee and Latin-inspired café fare. It's busy, it's chic, it's fast and it's delicious every day.

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Andrea - Pastry Chef

Andrea Beard is the reason you'll enter Bomba for a cup of 1000 Faces coffee and leave with a warm, fresh pastry in your other hand. Almond croissants, buttermilk biscuits with sundried tomatoes, basil, and feta or jalepéno, scones and other inspired treats arrive, scratch made every single day. Andrea is a small-batch, boutique baker who uses only local buttermilk and cream from Mills River Creamery. She has worked with Chef since he invited her to intern and create for his restaurants. "I use local berries, poppyseed and almonds from our farmers at Mountain Foods. While my hands stay covered in ingredients, it's meditative."

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"I feel enveloped in this community. It's made up of so many cultures, so much knowledge and experience. I add mine to it, and I think differently because of it."

Erika - Kitchen Magic & Memories

She's cooking from the recipes she remembers from El Salvador, those Chef shares with her, and she's creating new memories for those who enter Bomba. Some are passing through to work or play in Asheville who need a morning lift in the form of an arepa or corn meal pupusa, a Bomba Roll, Madame Croquette or Huevos Ranchero. Erika learned from her grandmother and mother, but it's her smile and consistency that makes her a favorite fixture at this busy spot. Regulars adore her because of her smile and her way of remembering exactly for what they ordered last and love best.

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"I love the morning rush, familiar faces and making lots of to-go boxes for businesses. I love this place. I know I'm important here and we're a family."

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Place-making & Hospitality

Place-making is something that architects and designers write about with passion and earnestness. It is more than atmospherics - it is repatriation. It is sensory and intellectual and absolutely a part of the zeitgeist that the Diaz family embraces. They want Bomba to be your home for the time you are there. That is the goal.

Hector and Aimee and their team love to explore a variety of places and how we enjoy them based on any number of ingredients and elements. It's the difference felt in your own kitchen with a cup of coffee at 5:45 am when it's dark and quiet, from the lively music and spice in the air at Salsa, from the feel of Bomba when the lunch crowd spills onto the front patio chattering in the sunlight, to the warm elegance of Modesto at twilight. The evidence of place making and hospitality is felt in every detail of their restaurants and each moment of their lives.