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Our meticulous and delightful baristas come from places that love and appreciate good coffee - Mexico City, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, the Philippines, Europe ...... and we consider ourselves sort of the concierge spot in downtown Asheville.

Erika - Kitchen Magic & Memories

Cooking from the recipes that Chef Hector shares with her, Erika is that beam of light coming from the Bomba kitchen. She prepares photo-perfect plates with Bomba Rolls, poutine and breakfast love all day and with her signature smile, our regulars adore her. Ask for a dish once and she will not only make it perfectly, she’ll remember it - and you - the next time you pop by.


"I love the morning rush, familiar faces and making lots of to-go boxes for businesses. I love this place. I know I'm important here and we're a family. I love my job."


Carlos - Barista & Host

Order a cup of coffee or mimosa from Carlos and by the time it arrives, you’ll feel like you’ve known him since kindergarten. This music-mixer, traveler and man from Boston is the reason so many locals make Bomba a must-stop-by place every morning (seriously. EVERY morning) and why new-comers and tourists stand around long after their bill is paid. He’s a great chat and a big heart and is ready with a smile. Stop by Bomba at night and you’ll find him DJ-ing while chicken al carbon or poutine is rushed to hungry guest.


Andrea Beard - Pastry Chef

Andrea has an understated, but all-knowing way of moving through all of the DRG restaurants and is not only the manger at Modesto, she is a degreed, decorated and professional pastry chef.
At Bomba, Andrea provides the breakfast “musts” that suit an espresso, she also makes those “I shouldn’t, but I’m going to” cookies and small bites that complete a lunch or our famous grab-and-go orders. The Real Deal… that’s what we call her. If you have crumbs on your cheek after dessert, blame the dame in the pic.

Diaz Influence

Hector, one of Asheville's community catalysts, and his brilliant wife and business partner, Aimee - both keepers and change agents in Asheville's culinary zeitgeist - have attracted some of the best in hospitality, food, wine, agri-business, coffee and service to their restaurants and ventures over the last couple of decades. Bomba is no different. This group of cooks and baristas can tell you everything you want to know about Asheville while serving up superb coffee and Latin-inspired café fare. It's busy, it's chic, it's fast and it's delicious every day.


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