FARM 44 is the Diaz's home, mission, attention to their carbon footprint, and where they are raising their sons next to rows of peppers, fresh greens, veggies, figs, dozens of chickens and like-minded neighbors. The key ingredients for Hector's hot sauces come from this farm and from fellow farmers and farmer's markets. The Diaz's honor the farmer and the yields of those doing what they do best.

Along with growing and using Farm 44 greens, peppers and produce in all three of their restaurants, Chef Hector and wife Aimee Diaz emphasize their ongoing commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Old growth white oak, maple and apple trees that needed to be removed from the farm were marked by an arborist and then corded and cured. The wood cut is now routinely delivered to Modesto for creating all of the wood-fired meat and seafood dishes. 

"When people visit Salsa, Modesto or Bomba!, and order dishes using Farm 44 produce, they're consuming part of the Diaz family's larger vision for, and contribution to, this community. Without our diners walking through the door hungry for what we've grown and created, none of this works. We're grateful for them every single day."

- Aimee Diaz


The inspiration for Farm 44 came from Aimee's childhood in Southern Texas when she saw these signs on the road to and from her home. The imprint stuck with her.